Enrolling your child at a nursery for the first time can be a confusing time.  Here are some of the questions which parents often ask us, we hope they are useful.

How early can I enroll my child?

Your child can be placed on a waiting list for a place in our under-3 Childcare provision from birth.

If my child is in the under 3s, will they automatically get a place in the over 3s?

Yes, we will guarantee your child a place in the over 3s Nursery if they are attending our under 3s Childcare, however we cannot guarantee that they will receive a place as soon as they turn 3, they may need to stay in the Childcare provision until a place becomes open.

If my older child is at Effra, will my younger child get priority on the waiting list?

Yes, we do give priority to siblings, however places are limited and this is not guaranteed.

What support can I receive as a low-income parent?

This depends on which of our services you are accessing.  Please see our pages on ‘Information for Low-Income Parents’ in the menu of the website, under both ‘Nursery’ and ‘Childcare’

What hours is the Children's Centre open in Brockwell park?

See our latest opening times here

Do you offer wrap-around childcare?

Our Extended Day provision offers working parents the opportunity to pick their child up from Effra up until 6pm each weekday.

Children really enjoy ‘Splendid Day’!

Is there a waiting list?

We hold three waiting lists. one for the childcare in 2-3’s room, one for the nursery school and one for extended day provision for nursery school age children.

The number of children on these waiting lists does fluctuate through the year. Always ask at the office for further information about waiting list placement.