Our Vision

Effra is an excellent high quality, caring learning environment; at the heart of the community, where all children and families are welcomed and supported to enjoy lifelong learning.

Our Aims

Our work across the nursery provision and children’s centre is based on our belief that the early years of a child’s life are vital in shaping their future by encouraging positive attitudes to learning and providing opportunities to learn without limits.

During the first five years much of children’s learning takes place. This is the time when attitudes are shaped, first relationships formed, concepts developed and the foundations for later learning made. We therefore have a set of values that run as a golden thread through all the work we do at the centre.

Our Beliefs

These values are at the heart of everything we do at Effra. We believe that the provision we plan for the children will encourage them to develop their confidence, skills and knowledge and be able to reflect on how they fit into the wider community.


At Effra we work with children to encourage them to care for themselves, for each other and for the environment. Children care for their learning environment by being responsible for tidying up the inside and outside space. We make regular visits to Effra Nature Garden and Brockwell Park for forest school and learning about the natural world. The children plant, grow, harvest and cook fruit and vegetables. We also hatch chicks and watch the life cycle of butterflies every year.


We aim to develop confidence by giving children the skills they need to be confident to voice their needs and opinions and to know they will be listened to and valued. We work with children who need support to ‘find their voice’, and develop their confidence to engage with small and larger groups of children. Our learning environment inside and outside is planned to be appropriately challenging so children can develop skills and confidence across all areas of learning and development.


We offer daily opportunities for children to work on all aspects of creativity from painting to role-play, and everything in between. In addition we provide a STEM curriculum (Science Technology Engineering Maths) to stimulate and support creativity, creative thinking and problem solving. Children are encouraged to express themselves in whatever way they feel confident. This could be through their painting, model making music and singing or though developing roles and personas in role-play.


We are a fully inclusive centre. All children and families are welcome and we work closely with parents and carers to reduce and remove barriers to learning for children. We aim to provide a curriculum that is appropriate to each child and meets their needs so they make progress during their time at Effra and reach their potential.


Everything we do is to promote learning through high quality provision. We plan through a ‘core book’ approach which means children have access to and become highly familiar with high quality texts that cover a range of themes. Each key person plans for and assesses each individual to ensure the provision is meeting every child’s needs and is moving them forward in their learning. With the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum and our innovative STEM curriculum we ensure learning is exciting, engaging and fun!


Effra lies in the heart of the Brixton and Herne Hill community area. Our children’ centre is situated in Brockwell Park, next to the children’s play area. Many of our staff and volunteers live and work within the community.

Being so central we are able to use the local area for valuable learning experiences. We often visit the local markets with shopping lists to buy fruit and vegetables. We also go to the local super markets to buy ingredients to cook up a storm in our child height kitchen. We make visits to the Brockwell Park green houses to work with the park volunteers on a mini beast hunt. We also use the Effra Nature Garden to develop some of the ore books like ‘Owl Babies’ or ‘we’re going on a bear hunt’ to bring stories to life!