Nursery Newsletter November 2016

Our theme for the first half of this term is SPACE. We have been astronauts, explored planets, landed on the moon, and built our own rockets. It IS rocket science and we ARE brilliant at it!

Next week we will be visiting the Science museum to look at some real rockets and find out more about space exploration.

STEM Programme

Our space theme has been inspired by the STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) programme which was first devised in the US and seeks to raise the profile of science, technology, engineering and maths in education, business and the wider community. It is being increasingly adopted by schools in the UK.

Early years settings provide the perfect environment in which to enthuse young children in all these areas with an exciting, hands-on, play­based approach. It also enables gender stereo­types to be challenged at an early age. The girls have been as engaged as the boys in the space theme.

We will continue our focus on the STEM philosophy throughout the year in an age­appropriate and exciting way.

Nursery Newsletter November 2016

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