Forest Schools

At Effra qualified staff plan weekly Forest School trips to Effra Nature Garden and Brockwell Park.  Forest school sessions provide children with the opportunity to experience the outdoors on a large scale without concrete boundaries.  Children are involved in experiences and activities that encourage them to explore and interact with the natural environment.  Many Forest School activities have an element of risk attached to them, but these are carefully managed by the qualified staff.

Our aim with forest school activity is to support children to develop key skills such as confidence, perseverance, resilience, self-regulation and  building self-esteem. These skills are then applied back in the school to develop positive attitudes to learning across all areas of learning and development.

Examples of Forest School activities are:

  • Sawing wood using a bow saw or hack saw
  • Transient art
  • Mud pies/painting
  • Den building
  • Whittling using potato peelers
  • Collecting natural objects